November 2015


Do you remember me?


flurgespräche, corridor talks, create encounters with past professors, employees and students of the Westfälische Wilhelms-University Münster. Flurgespräche narrates the stories of their lifes during World War II, in which the National Socialism as well as the university itself intervened criminally.


The exhibition was placed in the corridors of the University Münster. A corridor is the one intersection, where students and employees meet each other. There, history is still present, as all the past employees and students have been there and met there, too. flurgespräche was searching for exact these places that unified the present and past groups of people.

The exhibition took place from 02. November - 18. December 2015 in seven buildings of the University Münster. It was realised thanks to a cooperation with the University itself and several history classes, which worked out the curriculum vitaes of the haunted. With detailed and precise research, the students collected as many information about the haunted as they could. Finally, we were able to outline characteristics of these professors, employees and students we wanted to remind of.


How was it, studying during World War II.? How did people treat you? What were you famous for? Meeting one of the haunted in the corridors,
the observer had the chance to ask him or her three questions about his or her life. A door plate offered the name and specialist field as well as three buttons to ask personal questions. The following audio data are examples for the dialogues one could have. Each audio file answers one questions below.

Leopold von Ubisch

The University was like a home to you?

Did you have Newfoundlander?

What made you leave Münster?

Rosa Salomon

You were a nurse, Ms. Salomon?

And then, you went to the Netherlands?


While listening to the audio answers, the shadow of the haunted appears. Showing gestures and movements, the observer is catched and touched emotionally. Unlike normal history exhibitions, flurgespräche uses a method that gives an impression of real living persons to make empathy and understanding possible.

flurgespräche is also realised online and will outlast the exhibition in 2015. For further information and the whole curriculum vitaes of the professors, students and employees, just visit the website:





Fremde Heimat

June 2014


Fremde Heimat is a design concept for the project "Love is a stranger?!" in cooperation with the LWL Münster. This exhibition project deals with love in different cultures, bicultural love and love phenomenons. The exhibition concept Fremde Heimat broaches the issues of general facts about love and love definition in different cultures. It exhibits reports of bicultural couples, photography projects of media design students and provides a stage for extra performance such as concerts, lectures, films and other cultural events.

Fremde Heimat Lara Ludwigs

The exhibition confronts different definitions of home (Heimat) with diverse perceptions of outland (Fremde). That which means home to us likely means outland to others and vice versa. A third area provided is the garden, which presents a neutral space. It offers an external perspective, personal exchange and space to reflect and communicate.

Ausstellungstafel Fremde Heimat Lara Ludwigs

If you're interested in how we finally realised the exhibition, visit Love is a Stranger?! online: