The app Holidaily accompanies the users as a recreational coach. This scientific approved app will help to foster sustainable recreation before, during and after a holiday and allow calmness in stressful everyday life.


To finally launch the progamm, I offered some additional graphics and usability design, to make it more user-optimized and intuitional.



The app was developed by the Institut of Psychology of Leuphana University Lüneburg in cooperation with Barmer, FH Lübeck, University Trier and University of Tampere (FIN).

Find more information on the app and on participation on





Nähe für Morgen

January 2013


In Cooperation with the university hospital of Münster and its center for bone marrow transplantation (BMT-center), we started the campaign Nähe für Morgen (closeness for tomorrow). The German title includesthe ambiguity of Nähe – which means both closeness and to sew.


This project motivates people in Münsterland region to sew a mascot with a pattern we provide. These mascots – similar shape, totally different colors, decorations and materials – are donated to the BMT-Center. There, a child with the necessity of a BMT, can pick one of the mascots to be accompanied by it throughout the following six to eight weeks in hygienic quarantine. The mascot displays the gateway between the child's
quarantine room and its outside world, as it fears more the loss of his friends and family than the disease itself.


For further information visit our website Nähe für Morgen.

Nähe für Morgen Logo

To make the project applicable for any hospital and bone marrow transplantation center, we designed a manual as well as a documentary of the project's process. Additionally, we found it needful to design accompanying booklets for the relatives and the kids themselves. During our advertising time, we used flyers, buttons and informational flyers to gain as many donors as possible.

Unwaste Your Time

January 2014


The non-profit project Unwaste Your Time is my first approach to Critical Design. It redefines time-wasting and shows how to use your spare time differently. A comparison is made between everyday situations in which time feels wasted (in an unproductive but also emotional way) and simple alternative ways of how the time could be better spent. Small cards, colored in magenta, cyan and orange transmit these Time-Wasting versus Time-Unwasting situations. Placed on the market place of Münster's city, they reach a broad target of every age.

To document the project Unwaste Your Time I layouted a booklet.
In the following images I give a short impression of this product.

Font: Sütterlin Moderne

January 2014


The font Sütterlin Moderne tries to remodel the Sütterlin script, developed by Ludwig Sütterlin in the beginning of 20th century. It picks up the core values simplicity, clarity and beauty of Sütterlin script and reunites them in block letters – in line with the current times.


January 2012


To treat the topic movement in our design foundation course, we decided to document our movements in Münster during one week. Our result was a transparency register, which showed every single movement. It additionally included information about ATM, pharmacy, university buildings and libraries, sight-seeing attractions, bars, bicycle shops, busstations, supermarkets and parks.